Is Tenerife a Safe Place to Visit?

Tenerife is one of the most popular islands in the Canary Islands and is known for its general safety for both residents and visitors. Like any popular tourist destination, Tenerife offers a relatively safe environment, though it’s always wise to observe basic safety precautions. Here are several aspects of safety in Tenerife.

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General Safety


Tenerife has relatively low crime rates, especially compared to major cities on the European continent. Minor crimes, such as thefts and pickpocketing at tourist spots, can occur, particularly in crowded areas like beaches and markets. However, violent crimes are uncommon. As everywhere, it is recommended to keep belongings secure, avoid wearing flashy valuables, and be vigilant in areas frequented by tourists.

Traffic Safety

The roads in Tenerife are generally well-maintained, though some of the mountain routes can be narrow and winding, requiring cautious driving. It’s important to respect traffic signs and speed limits, especially on unfamiliar roads or in conditions of low visibility such as fog.

Natural Safety

As a volcanic island with varied terrain, Tenerife presents certain natural hazards. Outdoor activities like hiking, especially in mountainous areas like Teide, should be undertaken with caution. It is crucial to inform yourself about the weather and trail conditions before setting out, carry the appropriate equipment, and preferably let someone know your itinerary.

Health Safety

Health Services

Tenerife has good medical facilities, including hospitals and clinics in major towns and tourist centers. EU citizens should carry the European Health Insurance Card for access to medical services if needed. Visitors from outside the EU should consider travel insurance that covers medical expenses.

Drinking Water

Tap water in Tenerife is safe to drink, though many people prefer to buy bottled water due to the taste and the high mineral content of the local water.

As there is not much rainfall on the island it is normal that water is scarce, with desalination plants there is a possibility to fight the drought, but drinking water is better not to take the risk and to drink bottled water instead.

Nightlife Safety

Nightlife in Tenerife is generally safe, and you can enjoy a wide variety of bars and clubs, especially in areas like Playa de las Américas. However, as in any place with nightlife activity, it is wise to moderate alcohol consumption, keep an eye on your drinks, and avoid walking alone at night in less busy areas.

Common Scams in Tenerife

Restaurant and Bar Scams

A common scam in tourist areas is overcharging at restaurants and bars. Scammers may take advantage of tourists by adding extra dishes or drinks to the bill or applying higher prices than usual.

How to Avoid It

  • Always check the bill in detail before paying.
  • Ask about the prices of dishes and drinks before ordering, especially if they are not clearly indicated on the menu.
  • Prefer places that have visible prices or that are recommended by trustworthy guides or local residents.

Taxi Scams

Some taxi drivers may try to charge excessive fares to tourists, especially on journeys from the airport or to popular tourist destinations.

How to Avoid It

  • Use official taxis and check that the meter is on. If there is no meter, agree on a price before starting the journey.
  • Consider using app-based transport services, such as Uber or local apps, which provide a fare estimate before the trip.

Vacation Rental Scams

Renting fake vacation properties is a common scam online. Scammers post ads for properties that do not exist or are not available for rent.

How to Avoid It

  • Always book through recognized and reliable platforms that offer guarantees and reviews from previous users.
  • Avoid paying large sums of money upfront, especially if requested through payment methods that do not offer buyer protection, such as direct bank transfers.
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