The best beaches of Tenerife

Tenerife is surrounded by the sea, and of course, beaches—some of which are fantastic. We’ll mix both beaches that have all the amenities and others that are more remote and less crowded but have fewer or no services. This way, you have the information to choose which one to visit.

Some of the beaches below are fully serviced, making them perfect beaches for families.
Other beaches are more remote, being less recommended for families, but perfect to go to remote beaches located in the middle of nature.

Those that have all the services will be referred to as ‘all services’.

Those that are further away and have fewer services are called ‘remote beach’.

Playa de Las Américas

Known as the heart of entertainment and nightlife in Tenerife, Las Américas Beach is ideal for those looking for fun and activities. This beach offers a wide variety of water sports, such as surfing, jet skiing, and diving. Moreover, the area is packed with hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs, making this beach a vibrant spot both day and night.

All services.

Las Américas beach

Playa de Las Teresitas

Located near Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Teresitas Beach is renowned for its golden sand brought from the Sahara. This beach is ideal for families and those seeking a calm day under the sun. The waters are tranquil thanks to a breakwater that protects the beach, making it perfect for swimming. With its accessibility, amenities such as showers, lounge chair rentals, and umbrellas, and its proximity to the capital, Las Teresitas is one of the island’s most beloved beaches.

All services

las teresitas beach

Playa de El Bollullo

This hidden gem, near La Orotava, is cherished for its wilder, more natural setting. Bollullo Beach is a volcanic black sand beach, surrounded by cliffs and vegetation, offering a perfect escape from the more touristy areas. With few facilities, it is ideal for those seeking a quieter, nature-connected experience.

Remote beach.

Bollullo beach

Playa de El Médano

El Médano is famous for being a paradise for wind sports enthusiasts, such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, thanks to the nearly year-round optimal wind conditions. This beach features a long stretch of golden sand and is one of the longest on the island. Additionally, El Médano has a relaxed and bohemian atmosphere, with numerous cafes and surf shops that attract a young and active crowd.

All services.

el medano beach

Playa de Benijo

Located near Taganana, in the north of the island, Benijo Beach is famous for its spectacular sunsets and views of the imposing rocks emerging from the sea. The beach is accessible via stairs that descend the cliff, adding a touch of adventure to the visit. It is ideal for photographers and those seeking a dramatic and unconventional setting.

Remote beach.

benijo beach

Playa de Diego Hernández

Better known as one of Tenerife’s nudist beaches, Diego Hernández Beach is a peaceful place to enjoy nature in its purest form. Accessible only on foot, this beach offers an atmosphere of calm and isolation, ideal for those seeking peace and privacy. Its clear waters and white sand create an almost paradisiacal environment.

Remote beach.

Diego hernandez beach

Playa Jardín

Playa Jardín, located in Puerto de la Cruz on Tenerife, is a beautiful beach with black volcanic sand, designed by the artist César Manrique. This idyllic spot is renowned not only for its unique landscape but also for its meticulously cultivated gardens that surround the beach, creating a natural and relaxing environment. In addition to being a perfect place for sunbathing and swimming, Playa Jardín features excellent facilities and services, making it ideal for visitors of all ages.

All services

Playa Jardín
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